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    My man has a nextel but wants to get a treo 700. was wondering if his sim card would work in an unlocked treo
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    Sorry, the Sprint Treo 700P or WX do not use or have a SIM Card Slot. Does anyone have a way to get the contact information over to the 700s from the Nextel?

    I wonder if the Sprint store would have a way? This can't be the first time someone with a SIM card phone wanted to move over to Sprint and wanted to move their contacts to a SIM-less phone without re-typing.

    What model Nextel?
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    one way would to take the nextel sim and put it in either the i930 or the blackberry 7100i. both of these are nextel phones that can sync with outlook. once you get it on outlook you're good to go.

    this is what I did.
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    I checked at a Sprint store tonight -- they have a machine that can transfer the contact information on a SIM Phone to a new Sprint phone.
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