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    If i purchased an Unlocked Treo phone to use with my cingular sim card, would they still charge me for the 40 dollar unlimited data plan? Because i do not want it and i heard from some people that it is optional if you purchase an unlocked phone...or is it?
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    no (assuming you dont already have the plan), but then you couldnt use any data.
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    If you get unlocked, you don't have to tell Cingular anything about switching phones. Therefore they can't make you sign up for anything. BUT if you use a lot of data, then should you sign up anyway even with unlocked because their pay as you go data is too high.
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    o okay anyone else? and is there anyway to verify that it is true? that i really dont have to pay the 40 dollar unlimited data plan fee if i purchase an unlocked phone and put my cingular SIM in.. is there a CINGULAR worker here or anything? thanks for everyones help
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    Whether your phone is locked or not does not affect the data plan. If you had a Cingular phone it would be no different. You do not have to have a data plan at all.
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    You could tell them you have a Porsche phone and they wouldn't be able to do anything about it. They may 'require' you to switch to some insane data plan if you tell them the word Treo but it's all garbage...
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    Dude - it does not matter whether your phone is unlocked or not. You CAN purchase a Treo with a Cingular voice plan and no data plan. Mine is - I bought it at BestBuy and told the sales folks I wanted NO data plan...even wrote it on the contract I signed.

    With no data plan, you will be billed out the ying for any data usage, so you then want to call Cingular and verify that the data service is TURNED OFF. Tell them you don't use the data portion, and don't want any charges to appear on your bill for supposed data use. You can still SMS messages, and will be charged accordingly (unless you opt for a text message option when you sign your voice plan).

    Under the above situation, with a 650 you could purchase an Enfora sled and still get data via WiFi, but the phone will not transmit / receive data on the Cingular network, and you will not be charged for data usage. I have not heard definitively from anyone as to whether the Enfora sled will work with a 680, and it is my understanding that it will NOT function with a 700 or 750.

    I do this every day with my LOCKED Cingular-Branded 650 and am very pleased with the results.

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