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    I've been searching the internet to see if any cell phone (however I use a Treo) can be programmed to have two lines. I've read that Nextel may offer this or phone companies in Europe. I'm trying to consolidate devises and want to know if I'm just dreaming that this is possible. I have a 650 (Verizon)now. Thanks in Advance. (Sorry if this has been asked before!)
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    My Treo can handle two incoming calls at once. The calls are coming in on one phone number. There is no possibility to have two phone numbers on one phone.
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    Unless you get a GSM phone that can take two SIM cards.
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    or a simcard that can change the phone number
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    Orange in the UK offer this service - line 1/line 2 which you can switch between without having to turn the phone off. It worked okay for the treo 600 when I had it.

    I don't know whether other networks offer this possibility though.

    Info from Orange here
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    It's not really two lines, but if you just need a 2nd (or 3rd, 4th, 5th, etc) number you could get a virtual number somewhere and forward it to your main phone number. For example, I Sunrocket for my VOIP at home. It gives me a free 2nd phone number that I can forward somewhere else if I want. I can set it up to forward to my cell phone, which would give me a 2nd number to give out if needed.

    The downside is that if you call out from your cell phone, it would show your cell number unless you blocked it.
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    For GSM users, check out this thread. Unfortunately only one line can be active at a time. I wish I could have two numbers active simultaneously on one phone...
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    Thanks everyone. I will check out those options!
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    Not that this makes any difference here, just nostalgia but I remember when cell phones became popular in the early '80s my phone was able to be used with two different providers, one on A and one on B. You could get a number on each but that was before phones roamed between the two automatically and the two providers were all on the same frequency (with the exception of the A or B). I remember that I had to change bands when I would go to other cities.

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