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    I am a self employed heating contractor in Toronto Canada and in need of a new phone. I carry a laptop, a phone , a camera and note pad to rite down numbers which usually get lost. I thought it would be a good idea to get a palm treo or another pc based phone to organize everything. Does anyone have a idea what phone to get, that is stable and has Wifi (or adapter) to drive around and pick up emails. I thought a treo 650 woould be good but I heard that the new software doesn't allow the Wifi to work. Thanks
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    As far as Treos go, and if WIFI is the deal-breaker, the 700wx would be your best bet as it's compatible with most WIFI SD-Cards, but does not have built-in WIFI.

    There are however other WM phones that have builtin WIFI.
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    Dash. Since you post in this site, Treo 750.
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    Why do you want wifi since you can get it all through the cellphone part and it's much more pervasive and accessible. If you carry a laptop you always have access to wifi anyway as I do but usually I'm getting my mail and doing casual web surfing through the cellphone.

    As for a phone, Theoretically, you should be choosing your service provider first based on your needs then choosing what phones are available on that service. Of course most people don't do this but it is the better way to do it. For instance, I must have GSM for travelling so although Verizon is a better service, I stay with GSM and based on that I chose a 680.

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