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    Quote Originally Posted by whatever7 View Post
    Who care what Ballmer say, he doesn't buy christmas gift for me. I want touchscreen on my phone.
    There are plenty of Symbian phones with touchscreens, but I agree it's quite unlikely Ballmer will buy you one!
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    Quote Originally Posted by samkim View Post
    I wish Steve would stop buying gifts for me. I hate wearing v-neck sweaters.
    Do you have your CEOs called Steve confused?
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    Does anyone else see a striking parallel between Apple and Palm? There is little doughe in my mind that Palm is going to build a Linux OS based on the look and feel of the Palm os just like OS 10 family is based on BSD with a pretty face.

    This is the last chance the Palm OS has. Windows Mobile on a Treo is a hit and if the next Palm OS doesn't step up to the plate and hit it out of the park i'm sorry to say that the Palm OS will die...
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    Quote Originally Posted by marcol View Post
    No. Steve Jobs doesn't send me Christmas presents.

    Ballmer likes v-necks.

    Jobs prefers mock turtlenecks.
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    Quote Originally Posted by bigredgpk View Post
    Does anyone else see a striking parallel between Apple and Palm?
    I wish.
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    Quote Originally Posted by bigredgpk View Post
    Does anyone else see a striking parallel between Apple and Palm?
    Yes and no. Apple had an installed base of users with mission critical applications such as Quark, Premier in the publishing and media fields. Apple's transition from OS9 to OSX was much more easy than what Palm will experience.

    Palm has its fanatics as well, but there are no "mission critical" apps that are exclusive to the Palm platform. In the end it will be about Microsoft's money and clout within the industry, especially with the enterprise.

    Microsoft has been trying to get their Windows mobile solution into the company I work for because we are already an Exchange shop. They gave us a free Moto Q and a Treo 700w to play with. I have to admit it is very tempting and we will be doing a small pilot of 10 or 20 devices.
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    Let's not derail this thread.

    Let's speculate how long will Palm keep frankengarnet alive.
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    (December 12, 2012)
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    Quote Originally Posted by Perry Holden View Post
    (December 12, 2012)
    I think you have your facts wrong, the Mayan calendar doesn't end until 12/21/12.
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    Quote Originally Posted by Malatesta View Post
    Can they "fix" Garnet? Who really believes that? They haven't in 3 years why think it now??
    Could they fix Windows ? Buying Windows means that one could sell Windows, upgrade Windows, sell new versions of windows incorporating 0.1 - 100% of the source code in windows.

    Buying Garnet means they can create, build anything they want incorporating any % of the old code they want for backward compatability purposes.

    "The PalmOS is still the only OS that is both easy to learn and powerful to use over time," said Avi Greengart, handheld device expert at research firm Current Analysis. Windows Mobile is easy to learn because of its extensive menus, and the wide range of shortcuts in RIM's BlackBerry make it powerful, but neither combines ease with power like Palm does, said Greengart.
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    Quote Originally Posted by snowbound View Post
    I really want to see the level of change I saw between Windows 95 and Windows 2000, in terms of reliability and robustness. I wonder how they'll be able to do that... or if they're even willing.
    Gotta remember that reliability and robustness peaked with NT4 which was available at the same time as Win95. Yes, people saw a big change moving from 95 -> 2k but NT4 users to 2k, not so....other than look and feel. Sure Win2k added great features like hot docking and USB, but it also added a lot of overhead which brought system performance down. Data from Fortune 500 companies shows increased cost per user with Win2k and WinXP as compared with NT4.

    Also, remember that in the history of Microsoft only 2 "upgrades" have resulted in increased benchmark performance. All others have shown significant decreases. The two which showed performance increases were:

    Win 3.10 -> W4WGS (addition of 32 bit file and disk access)

    The bigger, better, faster world promised by Win95 was a boondoggle as corporate upgrade costs averaged $2500-$4500 seat and resulted in a huge decrease in performance. On identical hardware:

    Win95 was 37 % slower than W4WGs
    Win2k is slower than NT4
    WinXP is slower Win2k
    Vista is slower than WinXP

    So be careful what you wish for,....ya just might get it. Of course one of the major reasons that we saw these slowdowns was the inclusion of more and more background services which many, if not most, people would disable if they easily could. In NT4, IE would install with the OS but could be removed. In subsequent OS's, MS has made it harder and harder to accomplish removals as it affects their other business interests.

    Palm OTOH has never shown a tendency to "tie" the OS to software or prevent one from removing things you don't want. Palm and Linux are a perfect fit. Look at the community here and the abundance of hack, custom ROMS, etc threads. Palm users have always been a bit geeky and Linux access to source code makes it a geek favorite. I think not only will we see a new Linux OS from Palm, with the backward compatibility that this Garnett purchase gives them, but I think we'll see weekly "hack tips" as users customize / enhance the code and post it here on TC.
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    Quote Originally Posted by JackNaylorPE View Post

    Palm OTOH has never shown a tendency to "tie" the OS to software or prevent one from removing things you don't want.
    Hmm. Then why does my Treo have all this stuff I can't get rid of? Things like VersaMail, GetGood, GetBC, QuickTour, "My Treo" (if it's mine, then stay out of it), etc.

    I guess technically you're right, since it's in ROM and not the OS, but the end result is the same. I've got a bunch of stuff on my phone I don't want, and can't really get rid of. The fact that we were able to modify the ROM on the 650 was a fluke, and certainly not something Palm wanted us to do. And not likely to happen again.
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