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    I'm not sure where to ask this (but I did do a search before posting!)... Is there any 3rd party app that allows Greek Fonts to be viewed on the Treo (I have the 680)? I don't need to type in Greek, just read the fonts. Thanks for considering...
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    Pre 3 on T-Mobile, 32gb Touchpad
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    Thanks! Perfect.
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    Beware. Those people RARELY update their software to work with newer model Treos & the customer service is atrocious. I tried to set my sys lang to Ukrainian & it threw me into a reset loop. They don't even have downloads for anything above a 650. I actually purchased the Russian version last year & now cannot even use it due to the fact that it resets my phone every time I make or receive a phone call.

    I've emailed them more times than I can count over this issue & about when they're going to update, and my emails have been all but ignored.

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