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    I am not a big poster on the forums, but I had such a positive experience with a recent repair I wanted to pass the info along.

    My son had a Zire 72 that had a sticky 5 way nav. No big deal, but when the sound output on the device failed we retired it and I got him a new T650 to take to college.

    It occurred to me that my mom, who is using a greyscale Visor might enjoy the Zire, so I looked into getting it repaired. Palm was no help, saying the unit is out of production and no longer serviced by them.

    I came across Chris Short's name on the Brighthand forum, and sent him an email. He quoted me $48 to repair the sound and the 5 way, or $62 if I would like a new 1100mamp battery installed also.

    Here is the interesting part-I sent it to him in Mankato, Mn (about 100 miles from my home in Rochester, mn) on Thursday 11/30/2006. On Saturday, 12/02/2006, I had the unit back in my mailbox, repaired.

    I am not affiliated with Chris in any way, but this level of service deserves some recognition, If any of you fellow palm enthusiasts need a repair done, I would highly recommend Chris's service. You can email him for a quote at Chris Short [mailto:ips at chartermi dot net].

    Happy Holidays!
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    Yeah, he's great with correspondence, and I currently have a few units with him.
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    Wow, good deal. I have a Zire 71, i'll email him also...thanks for the info.
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