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    Hi everyone,

    I'm new to this forum. I was wondering if anyone knows when Palm will be coming out with a Treo that supports wifi. I did a search online and there was something about a new Treo called Nitro coming out to cingular in Ocotber with wifi

    I went to my local Cingular store and they knew nothing of this? So anyone know when there will be a Treo with wifi, because paying $40 for a data plan is too much for me? By the way, I live in the Los Angeles area. Thanks
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    Quote Originally Posted by Nietzsche17 View Post
    I did a search online and there was something about a new Treo called Nitro coming out to cingular in Ocotber with wifi
    That was last October and the rumours were wrong Don't expect to see a Wi-Fi Treo in the near future.
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    There is a "sled" that attaches to the Treo and it provides wifi support.

    Aren't the WM5 Treos supporting wifi?
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    The 700w supports the SD WiFi card straight out of the box.
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    there were a few leaked shots with the screen having a wifi indicator on it (this is referring to the 750). I think the screens may have been doctored, but nonetheless, I very strongly believe the 750 was going to have wifi built-in & Palm removed it before shipping. Probably at the request of Vodafone.

    so, as mtt says, you can use a wifi card on the 700 series devices & even a miniSD wifi card on the 750.

    But my recommendation is find an unlocked T-mobile Dash and use that instead, as it has wifi built-in and is pretty cool if you can live without the touch screen.
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    So the Treo 700w can support wifi if I get the SD wifi card? Also, does the treo 700w only have one slot, if so I probably won't be able to use memory card then, right?
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    IIRC there's a wifi card out there that also has a built in small memory card (500MB or maybe a gig), so you don't have to do without one to have the other.
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    Quote Originally Posted by zelgo View Post
    Note that the 700p does NOT support WiFi.
    I know this has been discussed. But, I'm still not clear on how it is that other POS devices (straight PDAs) support Wifi while the Treo does not. AKAIK PALM OS can clearly support Wifi when it wants to.. (afterall PALM does sell a Wifi card). What exactly is the issue with Treos? Why offer it in WM5 an not in POS when the later OS is clearly capable?
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    Of course the POS is capable of supporting Wifi, and you correctly point out that other Palm devices besides the Treo DO support Wifi SD Cards, and Palm themselves sell them. So what's the difference? A couple of things....

    #1) The telco carriers spend BIG bucks on building an infrastructure to allow for data service via cell towers. They also subsidize the treo's price (hence the "discount" when you sign a contract with a carrier when purchasing a Treo). The carriers want very badly for you to sign their $20 or $40 or whatever per month contract for data service, and they put pressure Palm to disable Wifi support directly from the phone. WM5 Treo's are much newer than POS devices (think 600), and I'm betting a deal was signed during initial Treo development requiring disabling the Wifi access.

    #2) In addition, there are architectural reasons that the POS is able to run much faster than WM5 using the SAME processor and data bus. Very simplistically, WM5 can multi-task while POS can not. If POS uses a Wifi program, "speaking" to a Wifi card via the Treo data bus, it can not at the same time use the phone application to maintain contact with a cell tower, and the phone application is disabled.

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    3. PalmOS PDAs like the TX aren't phones also like the Treo and the OS can't handle both
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