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    6 3.85%
  • 700

    61 39.10%
  • 680

    25 16.03%
  • 650

    55 35.26%
  • 600

    5 3.21%
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    Quote Originally Posted by ambtreo View Post
    A Sprint 700p that works great except for the following:

    1) In car bluetooth - Caller ID is for previous incoming caller.
    2) Lag when switching b/w opeeations.

    Other than this the 700p works great, particularly with EVDO.
    I have this same issue on my VZW Treo 700p!!! Do you know if this is a BT issue, or a Treo issue??? This is really annoying!!! Anyone know of a fix for this???

    Sorry for the threadjack...
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    Just kidding.. my 270 is history.. used the 600 until yesterday, now the 680.
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    Just ordered a 700wx, my first Treo. Replaces a long line of separate phones and PDAs...
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    I'm using a rock solid 700P on Sprint...and I didn't even do a clean install from my 650!! I just restored using my card back-up and tweaked a few settings and updated a couple apps. I will do a clean install if I start noticing problems....but so far it's at least as stable as my 650 was if not more so.

    Only real complaint is Lag which I'm betting will be fixed in a software update in 6 mos or less.
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    750v if it ever makes its way into the domestic markets
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    treo 650. not interested in the 700s at all, and im not upgrading until we see what hawkins' mystery device is all about.
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    I use the 650 on Sprint. I am a faithful Treo user after nothing but rock solid performance with my 650. Seriously, I love it! A coworker's BB Pearl basically died this morning. Seems that the USB interface literally fell out, and some of the buttons won't work on his keyboard. ) He's a T-Mobile user....I told him to take the pearl back, complain until they let him out of his brand-new contract and take his business to either Sprint or Cingular.

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    I am currently using the Treo 700p. So far I'm good.
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    Using a Treo700P and am happy with it

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