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    Hey All,

    On my Treo 650 the only way to turn it on is to press one of the hard buttons. I don't always want to use one of those apps, though. In fact, in many cases I want the screen to come back on right where I left it.

    For example, if I'm typing an email in Chatter+ email and I put my Treo down long enough for the 3-minute shut off to occur, then the only way I can turn it back on it to press say, the phone key, which will take me to the phone and discard my email.

    Is there some way to turn the thing on so that it just powers on the screen it was on when it powered off?

    Seems like a small thing but it's caused me no end of grief.

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    Yes. Press the power button (the hard button on the far right). That one will leave you in whatever app you used last.
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    For the power button to work in the desired way, you need to set your launcher in it's preferences to NOT "always run".
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    Which launcher? For people using the standard Applications launcher, the red Power button always works that way .. it turns the Treo on in the same state that it was when it turned off.
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    Aha! The power button. I was hoping there was some way to make it happen that I was just missing.

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    Just don't press the phone button when your light goes out AND you are on a call, 'cause it will disconnect you:-(

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