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    Today's (11/30/06) Wall Street Journal has an interesting article on services that attempt to find people who want to take over your existing contract, which will let you get out of it, and one that will apparently pay your early termination fee if you sign a new contract through them. I don't have access to the online WSJ, so I can't post a link to the article. But the companies they mention are:
    Charges $20 to transfer your contract, nothing to the person who takes over a contract
    No trading, charges a flat $50 cancellation fee if you sign up for new service through the site (love that name)
    $15 fee to transfer a contract, no fee to take over a contract
    still in beta, no info on rates.

    Paying $15 or $20 to transfer your contract, or even $50 to just break it, sounds a heck of a lot better than $150 or more paid to your carrier.
    Bob Meyer
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    Im not sure where I read it but there was a post from someone saying if you want out of your contract you can make your company drop you as a customer by using more than 50% of your minutes on another carriers tower. For example if your with cingular you set you phone to roaming and talk for over half your minutes using their towers and cingular has to pay for it due to their you dont pay for roaming feature. After a few months of this you will get a notice from cingular saying that they think you would be better off going with another company and drop you as a customer.

    Now im not sure if this will work or not but hey cant hurt especialy if your stuck in a two year contract. Either way its a nice way of sticking it to the man for upping the prices on their data plan.
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