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    I came to this site by way of the treocentral wiki that came up on a search. I've seen a few threads about mobile web sites here but it's mainly just a link to a site they like but not a reason why they like it. I'm wondering about treo users and how/if you use the mobile web. What do you look for in a mobile website, more specifically one that you would bookmark.

    In full disclosure I am building a mobile website at and I'm interested to know what types of things everybody is interested in. I'm building a new version of the site and I'm trying to understand what types of information mobile users want and how they would like it presented, some people like to drill down via links while others prefer to scroll. I've read all kinds of things and heard presentations at mobile web events but those are by industry people with a goal to sell something and I'm not sure they really represent real users.

    There seem to be a number of buckets mobile web users fit into, from a single focus to bored/waiting to info junkies. I recently had a flux of usage to my site because people found that it has an option that makes it easy to get to someones myspace page using google to shrink it down. That's the only thing they do on the site they don't use any of the other features just that one. Then I also have a digg interface at That is mostly used by mobile phone browsers and not so much by Treo users who probably use since it is designed more for that screen size.

    So I'm looking for other things that you want to be able to see or do but haven't found a mobile site that handles it yet.

    If your a regular mobile web users. How often do you use it? Do you have a purpose or just passing time? Do you have a routine? Do you wake up and check the weather/news on your phone?
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    I'm the "use-it-cuz-I'm-bored" user, for the most part.

    * I check my work e-mail all the time (they're too cheap to support the mobile GroupWise program for the Treo, only support availabe is for crackberries)

    * I check every morning (can't miss a good deal). The page loads horribly and I haven't bought anything via my Treo, but I figure I can call someone to buy for me if I need to.

    * Other than that, I'm just surfing when I'm bored. I still have the palm default home page and browse from those links. I've gone to on occassion too.

    Either way, a mobile-enabled site is a must. I won't even waste my time with anything else (except woot ... an addict is an addict, I guess.)
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    At my day job it's the same way with the crackberry support.

    For woot you could try this url, I have a mobile rss reader on wampad. you can give it the full url to the rss feed but if it's got a feedburner feed you can just enter in things like woot or slashdot. I also modified the rss reader to handle digg feeds at It's using the magpie php rss classes.

    I figure most people using the mobile web are probably bored and looking for something to do. Surpisingly I don't get as many searching for porn as I thought I would.
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    I like pages that allow fit as much information, formatted for mobile viewing, on one page.

    I'd much rather scroll than click/tap
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    loading porn images on a non-edge enabled T650 would be slow.
    acutally, loading lots of images onto the T650 with GPRS would take forever. =)
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    And the pics are so small ... why bother
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    Yeah I really don't understand the idea of porn on the mobile either but according to google 1/3rd of their mobile searches are for porn. I also feel the same way about things like mobiletv, why would I want to watch a full length movie or tv show on a 2 inch screen? It's so small and the sound isn't going to be great. I live in detroit so I pretty much have to drive everywhere so I don't have much idle time like people who take a train or subway to work.

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