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    All money is green, as the saying goes (at least in the US).

    They were making money, and should have sold it. But then again, Nokia isn't the smartest bunch out there.
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    is anyone else having trouble connecting to AIM on verichat?
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    Quote Originally Posted by Felipe
    would they consider jumping back into an IM client for mobiles?

    one can hope.
    IM is now part of the Nokia integrated sync client, PDAApps was bought to fully integrate IM and not be a plug-in and I believe the architecture of the IM client has changed incorporating the code into the PIM sync portion. If it was a stand-alone product or had the ability to be isolated then there may be a future. But don't hold your breath on this one as I don't think it will ever happen.
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    That's funny... I never really thought of "sync" as being "instant"... but if it works for them.

    For those who had some interest in Causerie as a potential alternative, I thought I'd mention that there has been recent activity in the MantraGroup forums. Support is making noise about a new release coming in the next week or two. No details yet what improvements or enhancements it has, but I'm hopeful this will be a sign of another round of increased activity from development.
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    My VeriChat expired today. Now what? I don't want support, I'd just like to use my VeriChat.

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    Quote Originally Posted by ckonkel View Post
    What about IM+ ... looks like a possible option... Heck. Somewone should buy verichat from IntellaSync - make some big buckaroos...

    I went to try this today. Now I had to do a hard reset about 4 days ago so there was nothing on there and I had neer used IM+ but I got an error message that my trial period had expired! I am not going to pay for something that I am not sure would do what I expect it to do. My license for VeriChat is good till May so I am hoping a good replacement shows up before then!
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    I am now trying mundu( started to day), and so far so good. Seems like it will match all the features of Verichat
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    I just downloaded verichat a few days ago, and for some reason I got it for free and AIM, and Yahoo work great...

    EDIT: if you want what I got pm me and I'll send it to you, its a PRC file so you just have to sync it.
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    I'm using IM+ . I downloaded the trial version from Handango and then eventually bought it from InHand (handango mobile). It's working fine for me. It doesn't have the ability to send files or do some of the other features that verichat had, but all in all as a IM client, it's working fine. The only thing I was trying to figure out is if it connected "through" a service like pdaapps offered through verichat, but I don't think it does. I think it connects directly to the individual IM provider, which is better for me since I never liked the idea of a hosted environment. The other thing is that it is a one-time payment for IM+ as opposed to the constant fee every year I was paying for verichat.

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    I'm with Waynew73. so far, using the trial version, i'm pretty impressed. not so into the 'sending files' portion, but the basic chat is pretty clean. able to consolidate many IMs like trillian. so far so good. not sure when my trial ends or what functions i am missing with the trial, but i'm on the road to buying this once the trial 'ends'.

    another plus, is that it doesnt use SMS. i had the luxury of finding out about SMS chat when i was demoing some other software.... yikes.
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    I have a lifetime subscribtion to Verichat, what happens to that?
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    Unless Nokia sells the rights to the code to someone who will honor your subscription, your lifetime subscription will end whenever Nokia shuts down the Verichat server.
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