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    Talk amongst yourselves.

    Here's the topic.
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    Nice to see that Palm OS is STILL number 1 in the USA and in the UK. I don find it interesting that most of the 650 owners who switched to WM end up getting another PALM device. Says alot about Palm and their products.
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    I pimp Treos shamelessly. I hope Palm remains a large and competitive player, and that the Palm UI remains viable and improves over time.

    The cited article says the OS matters. I beg to differ. The user interface matters. Motorola, for instance, couldn't hit the ground with an egg if you squeezed the chicken for them. (In my own personal and extremely humble opinion).

    I've never tried the Nokia E series mostly because of availability issues. I'm a T-Mobile subscriber. Maybe I need to test drive the E62 at Cingular.
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    LOL eTreo you just want to bait Surur don't you.

    VVV it's his most favorite topic.
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    Quote Originally Posted by whatever7 View Post
    LOL eTreo you just want to bait Surur don't you.
    What did I miss
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    Not entirely my intention to bait Surur, but I must say I am surprised that he hasn't yet posted a counterpoint article
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