I have a t600 with Sprint.

I dont have a computer, and the Treo gets me where i need to be via the internet.

Since ive had a gmail account, ive used it on my treo, and have ALWAYS been able to view google and gmail in the full mode/web mode.

obviously, it has slightly less features, but it looks basically the same.

as of yesterday, using the same cached link, its been displaying in the mobile mode, which is different, and not what i want/need.

i tried to get it to the normal mode--where it was--and it said gmail does not display on my palm treo 600 (it recognized the phone)

this is bullsh*t becuause it has for over a year.

so...does anyone have any suggestions--or URLS that would get it to display in the web / full mode....

for example...


is the link i use for full google...but gmail now displays mobile only...big pain in the ****