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    SAN FRANCISCO ( Reuters) - Palm Inc. (PALM.O) cut its second-quarter profit and revenue forecasts on Monday, blaming a delay in shipping its new Treo 750 smartphone in the United States.

    The company's shares fell 4.6 percent in extended trading following the announcement.

    Sunnyvale, California-based Palm now expects to start shipping the Treo 750 in the United States early in the fiscal third quarter instead of the current quarter when it expected the device would help boost sales. Palm's second quarter ends on Friday.

    It blamed the lower forecasts mainly on a delay by a U.S. cellphone carrier in ensuring the Treo 750 is compatible with the carrier's network. It declined to name the carrier.
    Spokespersons for Cingular Wireless and Verizon Wireless, two of the largest U.S. cellphone carriers, declined to say whether they plan to offer the Treo 750 on their networks.
    Cingular GSM
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    This...this is probably bad. It's not a "the sky is falling" bad, but it's not great. It's kind of like having really bad doesn't mean someone won't loan you money, it just means it might take a while to convince the loaner you won't default. That's the sort of image palm has right now. And they aren't strong to begin with.
    On the upside, it brings the stock so low maybe someone will buy them at that price, figuring the name is worth it. Still....this is not great.
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    RIMM - $140.00 / SHARE

    PALM - $14.50/ SHARE

    end of story.

    there's a reason behind those price differences... several actually.
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