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  • I went from p to wx and now I'm happy.

    5 62.50%
  • I went from wx to p and now I'm happy.

    3 37.50%
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    How many 700p users are happy now that they gave up on the 700wx?

    How many 700wx users are happy now that they have given up thier 700p?
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    I switched over to the wx because of the bluetooth challenges I was having on the P. After switching, our company's IT got me synced up on our server (latest of exchange 2003) and now I have all calendar, tasks, contacts and email sent over the data (EVDO) service, no cables except to recharge the treo.

    It was a great move for me but it may not be for you. If you use exchange, it would be worth looking into.

    Hope this helps.

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    I did both 650>700P>700Wx>700P

    I tried to like the 700Wx, but it is not ready for my needs yet. It is a great phone, but I need reliable BT DUN so I went back to my 700P after a week of spending time with the 700Wx.
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    I went from the p to the wx because of stability issues. The p may be a stable device but the apps I have to use cause it to reset constantly. I use the ppc version of these apps on the WM platform without issues.
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    I moved from the 700p to the 700wx because of the lag on the 700p and the PalmOS has been stagnant for a while. I figured that I better get a good understanding of the Windows Mobile platform since Palm seems to be going that way. I am very happy with my switch other than missing Keycaps and Chatter.
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