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    how much do you all think I could ask for it? I have the entire kit and everything is like new. I havent decided yet, but I think it will be for sale soon.
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    Can you post a picture or a link to what this is?
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    As you can see, it retails for $250. Mine is only maybe 6 months old and in the best condition possible. I'd like to get $220 since there is absolutly nothing wrong with it. Does that seem reasonable?
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    If you has used only one of the two unlocked code for TT, maybe 180-200. Maybe.
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    I'd pay $250 for a new one any day instead of $220 for a used one.
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    What happens if the unlock code has been used twice? Some of us (read: me) have had issues with our treos and have had to reformat. Is there anyway to get another code?
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    Any advice here? Can someone point me in the right direction please?

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