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    Good evening!
    I recently purchased an unlocked Treo 650 so I could swap from my Blackberry 7280... Everything is working great, and I love it so far, except I can't seem to get my email to connect with Versamail. I can get data to send, just not download.

    My carrier is Rogers Wireless in Ontario Canada. Everything works fine on the Blackberry as you can imagine... When I'm setting up my email, I choose "POP" not sure if that's what it is or not... IMAP doesn't work. The outgoing server is listed as "" and was automatically there... I can send email from the Treo using that server.

    I've set that for my incoming mail as well, but it says that it times out and nothing will download. Just wondering if anyone else with Rogers has successfully switched over to a Treo, and if so - what are your settings to allow you to connect to download email?

    Any help is appreciated. Thanks for reading!
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    I would recommend you ask this question on the Rogers subforum in Howard Forums ...

    There are quite a number of Rogers employees who frequent there and give excellent support.

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