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    Is anyone out there using 4info cause you should be.

    I'm constantly on the prowl for freebies and so far this ranks among the highest. Many of them are hit or miss or offer a minimal range of services and so, the search always continues. Hence my discover of 4info. As long as text messaging is part of your service plan this is completely free. Is it possible someone doesn't have text messaging as part of their service plan? I doubt they're on this board. Anyway, these guys blow the other search tools I've used away. It's lightening fast and has a huge range of information and search options. Very cool and very free. Hurrah!

    You can get all the info here:
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    You can always look at Google SMS, discussed here today also. Ben
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    Yeah, I've used google sms and had mixed results. Sometimes it's great, sometimes not so much. 4info strikes me as a more streamlined service. Incredibly fast and consistently accurate.
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    They have a mobile site as well:

    Works really well for the treo....
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    Very much Treo compatible. Try the pick up lines search for kicks. Some of them are pretty hilarious. Send your text to 44636 and then "pick up lines." The cocktail search is pretty good too. I have yet to stump it.

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