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    i'm sure this has been asked a million times.

    i am a long time Treo user, or rather, a handspring user, getting a Visor when everyone was getting a palm.

    i had the 300 for a few years, moved up to the 600, and now my 600 is getting worn, and really needs to be replaced.

    i mostly use mine for the phone, the organizational aspects (calender, checkbook, etc), surfing the web, and checking email.

    i'm on sprint, which isn't great, but i've been there so long i've got a pretty strong plan that would be hard to leave (39.99 for 2500 minutes, 10 bucks for unlimited Vision).

    so i'm looking to upgrade, without spending TOO much cash?

    should i do the 650? the 700? something else? 680? wait a bit for a new one? change plans from sprint?

    pros and cons of what i might upgrade to....

    etc etc

    any help and advice is appreciated.


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    For your situation I would recommend the 650 because it is capable, cheap, and stable.
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