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    is it? do all three units have the same 32mb for running programs? is a user who all they know is WM going to have a hard time adjusting to POS or won't be able to adjust at all? Is the switch a step backwards?
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    I think it may be wise to wait for verizon to stock the 700wx.They may have a great upgrade program for there 700w customers since its been such a lemon in many cases.Being a wx user myself I can insure you it,s night in day when it comes to performance between the two.

    As far as taking a step backwards going with the 700p or 650...I feel bigtime.Garnet is very unstable giving you less freedom
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    Think of as moving from a win2k running on 32MB memory to a win98se with 32MB memory. It's less stable but you can make it run snappier.
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    going retro is good!
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    I highly doubt Verizon will have an upgrade program for the wx if they get it. Adapting to POS from WM depends on your needs. You may find that certain things available in WM are not available or even possible with POS, but both should give you the same general functionality (except for full Exchange support)
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    I don't think it is a step backwards if it does what you need it to do as good or better than your previous device. Each user has different needs.
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    I think WM5 has certain requirements and functionality that POS does not have and vice-versa. It really depends on what you need or want to do. I am a Windoz PC user, but I love my 650 for its versatility and ease of use. I would consider a WX (I am a Sprint customer), but I would also take a 700P (after a ROM update). It is only a step back if you really need the functionality of WM5, IMO.
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    good points made by all, let me list my uses of my current treo 700w...sync my comcast e-mail with "push", surf the net, calender use and must be able to set appointments to repeat monthly (i.e. every 2nd,3rd or 4th day of the month, etc. as I can't do that on WM smartphone edition), of course phone quality is needed and notes is nifty but not do or die. could a 700p do all these out the box or do I need some 3rd party apps? and can it support the wi-fi sd card?
    My Palm Treo 700w was a snitch
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    The 650 or 700p will not support a wi-fi card.

    Yes, you can repeat appointments as you describe with the built-in calendar application.

    You can surf the net. The WM browser is a bit better then the PalmOS Blazer, but it's not a show-stopper. It depends on the sites you plan to visit.

    If your Comcast e-mail support IMAP, you should be able to utilize push with the built-in e-mail app, but there are better programs for that (Chatter and SnapperMail to name two).
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    Good input from MarkY - 3rd party apps certainly make the P work better and add additional functionality. But, you will need an app or two with the WM version also, IMO. If IMAP 'push' and Wi-Fi is important, then WM would probably be a little better (well, obviously on the Wi-Fi!). And I think that you would definitely want to buy a 3rd party app for email on the P.
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    I think going from a 700w to a 700p is a step forward,,,,,,,, the 650 is backwards.

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