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    Anyone getting a 700p replacement for a broken 650 with insurance coverage? I have read a few here and there. I know my Sprint 650 is gonna "break" soon!
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    No, No, No . . . . . . . . play nice.
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    Yes, it is true but be honest and file a claim only if you need to.

    I called Asurion last week to file a claim on my non-functioning Treo 650 (which the Sprint store could not repair) and received a refurbished Treo 700p yesterday.
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    i was kidding - but I am pretty rough on my 650. Thanks for ethics class.
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    sweet - I currently have free Vision, but would pay for PV if I had to. I really like EVDO. Thanks zelgo.
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    I just had a problem with my 650 after two years and Sprint replaced it with 650 refurburshed which is fine with me becuase I know the known issues with the 650. They didn't give me the option of a 700p.
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    I was offered a BRAND NEW 700p after going through 5 bad 650 refurbs within one month. Had to turn it down due to increased internet costs, have a 650 refurb that works (so far!)

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    I got a refurb 700p in trade for my failing (back earpiece speaker) 650. Made the trade at a Sprint store, and wasn't charged any insurance copay.
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