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    is it worth the $500.- with new contract to upgrade. it really sucks that the i500 does not do textmessages... also thinking about using the 700p for mylaptop internet... is it worthwhile... ?

    any input appreciated... the i500 is great... but no textmessages... come on...
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    $500 with a new contract?? Are you sure thats right?

    I had a i500 2 years ago, but when the graffiti pad started to go, I switched to the then new Treo 650. While you may miss the super small flip phone form of the i500, the qwerty keyboard alone is well worth the switch. And the 700 is definitely more convergance than the i500 is, having a lot more functionality between phone and PDA. I think you'll enjoy it, though I suggest you look more into the deal with a new contract. $500 does not seem right at all WITH a contract!

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    I just switched this week from the i500 to a 700p and they are not exactly like comparing Apples to Apples for me.

    I really like the i500 but started having problems with mine so I got to the Sprint retention department and worked out a deal where I could add a line of service for my i500 and put the Treo on my existing line. I was able to use my plan to share between the two phones.

    Even with all of the incompatable services and Sprints attempts to upcharge me after making the deal,I was able to get them to stick to it and I now have both phones going.

    I then drove from STL to Denver with both phones online and have some interesting observations.

    I was worried that the all digital service Treo would not give the coverage I need while traveling but the opposite seems true.
    I get so much better digital service with the treo than I do with the Samsung that I thought something new was wrong with the Samsung!
    I would be in remote areas of Kansas where the i500 went to analog and the Treo will somehow have good digital service.

    I suppose they have truly made miraculous improvements to the digital network as I had a difficult time loosong digital service.
    Of course no one at Sprint ever hinted that this might be the case.

    That worry aside there is a steep learning curve with the Treo and many annoying features to be learned but I think these are more me than the Treo. Change is BAD!

    I like using the Bluetooth headset though I swore that I never would and I have tried several different models and they are all very different. My ntitial troubles were due to crappy headsets it seems.

    The Treo is also HUGE compared to the i500 and has much greater NERD factor but it does do so much more I recommend you look at it closely.
    I also did not pay even half of what you are being offered to upgrade. I suggest you get to the retention department and ask them why you should not switch providers to light a fire under the price they offered you.

    On a slight side note I found a Sprint rep along the way here who does seem to be honest and to care to honor her promises even though it has not been easy getting through this.
    Every step of the way another Sprint rep has told me that she lied and promised things that were impossible but I got her email address and she has staightened each thing out as they have occured and gotten me exactly what she said she would.

    It has only taken 10 years but so far was worth the wait(well not really).

    Let me know if you have any specific questions and I will try to help.

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    thanks so much. i'll try to call retentions and see what deal they can make. i certainly rather buy it from sprint than go ebay etc and not know really what i will get...
    thanks, i will repport back
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    How much are you going to sell the i500 for?
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    Cr@p,,,, did I just blow my deal on a nice cheap I500
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    no it doesn't work. easier to just use
    but receiving messages you don't see where there coming from, and if some replies to your message (via teleflip) you must check your e-mail to get the reply
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    how much you want to pay for my i500 ?
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    We'll there going for 67 bucks on ebay....... how about 45?????
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    1 day later............ I guess 45 was an insult????

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