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    With so many folks talking about wcdma Treos, am wondering if a GSM/UMTS unlocked version will ever come out. Cingular has the higher speed network now and it works great with an HTC Tytn. Would be nice to see a Treo 800, 400mhz processor, Palm OS 6, support for video and audio streaming, support for amr files via mms ( for voice messaging!) 2mp digital camera, and the option for no camera, 256mb of ram for data and applications, thinner, lighter than any present Treo and a price tag under $400. This would be a great tradeup from a Treo 650!
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    wcdma is umts. The Treo 750 is umts in europe, and is said to be upgradable to HSDPA.

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    And should be available on Cingular at some point here soon (the 750), running WM (PalmOS can't support UMTS/HSPDA)
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