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    Wishful thinking, I know but considering the difficulties that Palm has had on the Palm OS 700p with SMS lockups (especially Verizon to Verizon) and now the issues that they are having with the 700wx running on Sprint with WM5, it is clear to me that someone at Palm needs to be SACKED. I am not aware of another phone or manufacturer that has so royally screwed up the delivery and excecution of the SMS functionality on a line of phones. Given that SMS is a built-in function on even disposable phones these days, HOW HARD CAN IT BE to master the necessary protocols?

    SMS is rapidly evolving as a necessity and needs to QUICKLY become failsafe in terms of predictability - Palm has got to move quickly and decisively to regain user confidence in that aspect of the product or entire organizations will move away from the product (I can hear the guys in IT now "We use to love Palm, but you can't trust their text messaging functionality anymore").

    If there is a Palm executive out there with the title "Vice President of Text Messaging" I do hope he or she has better luck in their NEXT position...
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    well on the same vain Im all for the VP of BlueTooth getting fired too.
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    I am a bit more lenient to Bluetooth, because with the exception of select pairings, every Bluetooth device I own - which is several - actually sucks for consistency. "Bluetooth - the NonStandard"

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