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    Watch YouTube, DailyMotion, Google Video and GUBA videos on your Treo. The big caveat being that you need a video player so it works great with the 700 & 750, but playback on the 650 rests with Kinoma.

    The application is called Orb and you install it at home and it optimizes/transcodes the video for your device and network speed. After watching it on Verizon I can say that it really cooks.

    Read Article here:
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    this link isn't working...
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    this link isn't working...
    Don't know what the error was, but here is the link again.
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    does this work on the 700p or just the w? I'm thinking it should work on the 700p since it does have a video player.

    Also, you need windows to host the videos according to the site.
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    Yes it should work on the 700p, and you are correct you do need to install Orb on Windows PC to act as your "media broker" to playback these and the rest of your media, audio, photos or other on your device.
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    This has been discussed:

    What is really cool about Orb, is that you can watch movies, TV (if you have a tv card), and listen to music from your home computer.

    Also, Kinoma EX will play YouTube. Discussed here:

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