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  • I consider it a PDA first, that has a phone.

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  • I consider it a Phone first, that has a PDA.

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  • Neither: I consider it a TREO.

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    I migrated up through the Handspring/PDA path, with a couple of ******* offshoots mixed in along the way. I always wanted to try out the cellphone Springboard module, but it was only available for Sprint PCS and I didn't have that service in the town that I lived until two years AFTER the product was introduced.

    I recently had to go a couple of weeks without my Treo - reverting back to a circa 2002 cellphone. It was hell, though I will say this - I really did appreciate the formfactor and call volume of my old "emergency backup" LG 4400vx. Sending text messages was pure hell though!
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    Quote Originally Posted by naftalim View Post
    Many of us did the PDA and phone and then to Treo move because thats all there was. I used a PalmVX and a cell phone then a Tungsten and a cell and hated having to schlep two devices around. Once the 650 was out, that was it for me. I have to say I did like using Graffiti, I could enter information really quickly.

    Ditto for me (except for the Tungsten -- my Vx took me right up to the 650).
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    Can we vote three times? Sometimes my Treo is a phone and serves it's purpose very well. I use text messaging alot and always have with my previous cell phones. I love Sprint's 7 PM time for "evenings", that's when I do most of my personal calling. I rarely ever use my home phone since I've grown so accustomed to having a mobile. My Treo has all my contacts so I dont' have to use anything prehistoric like the old rolodex anymore.

    And...sometimes it's a PDA first....only because I've been addicted to PDAs since my trusty crusty old 100m. Incidentially, I used my 100m up to the day after I bought my Treo 650. How's that for faithful?

    And....sometimes it's a Treo....I can check email, surf the net, look at traffic and weather, send mom a text message, yack on the phone when I'm commuting to work or showing my dog....

    I like my 650. Not quite ready to trade it in on a newer model. Watch...I'll be the last person on this forum 5 years from now still using a 650.
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    I came from a heavy PDA background (Palm Vx, HP Jornada, Visor Neo, Visor Prism + Visor Phone, Dell Axim, Palm T3 + BT phone). I had always like the idea of a converged device, but I could never get used to the form factor of thr Visor Phone or the Treo 270. I finnaly bit the bullet and purchased the T600 about 6 months aftet it was released and ever since I've been sold.

    The Treo has become a truely indispensable tool. I use it everywhere and for everything. It has kept me organized and on top of my work, which has resulted in a significant promotion at work. I don't know what I'd do without my Treo, it really is my second brain.
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    Im a heavy user of PDA and Phone. So 50-50 Phone-PDA.

    as a Phone:

    I'm in the country known as text/SMS capital of the world. So everyday, I receive tons of SMS raging from quotations to reminders and greets from my friends.

    as a PDA:

    My schedule for the whole year in on my treo. Actually, every aspect that needs scheduling. From my car maintenance to my dentist visits. In-between that, I use the PDA part for watching bangbus. lol.
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    My current Treo (650) is like a detatched brain, or brain extension for me. I set alarms to remind me of almost everything and the Treo keeps me on time for nearly everything from meetings and appointments to reminding me to send birthday cards. This allows my mind to be free for other tasks instead of trying to remember where I'm supposed to be next. The maps guide me to appointments. Mr. Treo rings with important calls and messages. Voicemail takes a message when I'm in a meeting-just like having a secretary or personal assistant. Having all of my documents, client files, and laws in Docs to Go, web access, and email allows me to not be tethered to my laptop computer every day. The Treo is, for me, a unique essential in my life.

    I previously used the Handspring Treo 600, Palm i705, Palm VIIx, and look forward to trying the Palm Treo 750 next.
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    Well, I view both Treos with my eyes open.....

    Seriously, I view them as a multi function devise, a Treo.

    I use the phone part, the pda part and the web access part regularly....I don't know how I would manage without the Treo....

    So I view both the 650 and 700p as a Treo....

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    Ive never had a basic PDA,,,,,, I got into this scene when the Kyocera7135 came out....... I cant compare it to a pda..... that would be like comparing it to a computer that doesn't have an Internet connection and cant do all the awesome data apps..... so it neither a phone or a pda it is better than both.
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    I have never had a lemon, never had to do a warranty swap because the phone was defective. Threre are a few here on TC that b&c about Treo and the Palm OS. I dont. It does what I need when I need to do it and I am confidant the Palm OS, in one form or another, will be around for a long time to come.
    here here! The only time I had to get a new phone is when I broke my first 650 by being a tard & taking it apart w/o knowing what I was doing. I"ve never had a defective one.

    Mine is actually none of the categories, it's my BABY.
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    With the 600 I considered it to be a Treo. Nextel came along in the family and it became a PDA. Both the 650 and the 700P and 700w came along during the rein of the Nextel. I frankly prefer the 650 & 700P/W to the Nextel, but it is a family thing. I find the dial features of the 650/700p with Takephone to be far superior to Nextel.

    As for the PDA side, I use mine for hours a day primarily with HanDBase and some time spent with DTG, Datebook 6 and 2Day. I have never used Graffiti and have no intention of doing so; for me, the Treo is a great device.

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    I consider my 700P to be a handheld multiledia device first, then phone, then PDA.

    I started with the 600, then 650. I viewed the 600 more as a PDA than phone.
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    Definitely a TREO!
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