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    Hi--I have a Palm 700p. My firm supports blackberry IMAP via its enterprise server, but I have been told that they will not support Treo. I do know that other people in our firm use their Treos to receive company emails, so I believe there's a way to access my work emails via our webmail app and then have them forwarded to my Treo.

    I also have a Blackberry that runs on the enterprise server, but I hate using the Blackberry & have saved it as device #2 in case I cannot get cellular coverage within the Treo/verizon network.

    I am imagining that I would do this by creating an auto-forward rule in Outlook and then forwarding the email to another email account/app on my Treo. I am fairly certain that our firm would not allow us to access the Exchange server directly; it would have to be via an auto-forward or webmail work-around.

    Here are my questions: (1) is there a webpage out there that discusses my situation in general/non-techie terms? (I am pretty much a simpleton about these things); and (2) which software program do you recommend to accomplish what I need to do to get my work/home emails synched to my Treo?

    Thank you, everyone!
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    Am I not explaining this correctly? Let me know. I'm new to this issue & would appreciate a point in the the right direction. Thank you.

    P.S. Right now I dual-sync my Treo (via USB) to both my work and home computers. I do not have any Outlook conduits installed on either machine, so right now none of my email is picked up on my Treo. Eventually, I plan on moving to wireless sync of my Palm Desktop on both computers (if that's possible). I'd prefer to get both my home and work email synced to my Treo, if possible.
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    I do not know about Blackberry technology, but I use a scheme similar to what you have mentioned in your mail: forward all corporate mail to an independent email service (gmail, hotmail, yahoo, fastmail...) and access the mails with my Treo email application or via the Treo browser.

    This does allow me to view incoming mails, but does not permit me to respond to them (ie. your reply email ID should be your normal corp email). That would only be possible if your corporate server allowed access from outside, which is unlikely.

    PS: I use GPRS to access all this, not a conduit sync.
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    If your organization uses microsoft exchange, and allows access via OWA (Outlook Web Access), then you should be able to specify the OWA exchange server in versamail. This works most of the time. It works because the OWA server is not protected by a firewall. So, you just need to find out the server name. However, I have only accomplished this using chatteremail with the exchange plug in, because I have a treo 600. But it is my understanding the the 700p can sync with exchange. Hope this helps.
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    Thanks for the information. jcalloway: I just ran your option past our IT people, and they said that they recognize that it is an option, but they are not authorized, by the IT director's policy, to give us the exchange server info. Our firm (medium sized law firm) has a bunch of unsupported Treo users that are getting pretty steamed about this closed-door policy. Is there any security (or other) reason that our firm would not permit such access? I would think that it would be perfectly safe, since we they already grant us access to webmail from our home computers.

    Just trying to wrap my brain around this stuff. Thank you again, greenhex & jcalloway!
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    Quote Originally Posted by sadeyedlady View Post
    Is there any security (or other) reason that our firm would not permit such access?
    There are many reasons for not allowing this, but mostly it has to do with the following two aspects: stupidity and laziness (on the part of the IT department).

    It must make them feel quiet in control to be "able" to give access, but deny it anyway.
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    Yes your IT people are dolts. You can tell them I said so. I am at a small law firm and we safely and securely access our Exchange Server and do full over the air sync of email (inbox and sent mail) contacts and calendar.
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    There may be legitimate reasons for not allowing this, but I don't know what they would be. I work for a medical school / hospital. Lots of blackberry and palm users here. The doctors have a lot of influence. So if they want to check email using a palm, then it will likely happen, unless there is a very good reason not to.
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    Thanks, everyone. Yes, our IT people are goons who basically spent the big bucks to get the Blackberry enterprise server, etc., and hence are doing anything/everything in their power to promote that technology at the expense of the Treo users. The Treo users among us will not give up, and I sense a wee bit of buckling on the part of our IT people.

    As someone who uses both Blackberry and Palm (blackberry only when I don't have network coverage on my Treo), I find it hard to believe that anyone would prefer the Blackberry versus the Palm interface. Maybe it's just because I'm a long time Palm user. I do miss Graffiti on the Treo, though.

    My only wish is that Palm would get its act together from a business perspective. They have such a great product in the Palm OS; where's the development? It's just me, but I don't see much.

    Thanks again to everyone for your thoughts. I'll now slip back into lurkdom.

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