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    oh yea, buy the 680!!!!
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    The problem with the Amazon plan is the data contract. With so many treo users accessing data through the cingular mediamax plan ($19.99) there is no reason anyone who doesn't need VPN should pay cingular's rediculous $39.99 data plan. I'd have bought the Amazon phone along time ago, but $80 a month is insane!

    Of course, if I had the money that might be different...
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    Quote Originally Posted by Tastypeppers View Post
    The 650 for $20 is a bargain. You'll get a lot of use and value out of that.

    Thanks for accelerating the release date for the 680/750, though!
    I paid $700- plus tax and S&H. That too was a bargain. "Acceleration" has not worked.
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