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    my daughter has used a Palm 5x for several years. She has all her contacts on her laptop with the software that came with the 5x. She now has a Treo 650-how do we get the data to the 650? Thanks.,
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    I've posted a general how-to guide in another forum here, and there are several others with great suggestions.

    I'd retype it but it's late - your patience in searching around a bit before attempting the upgrade will pay off well. Basically you want the data and username, but everything beyond the PIMs should be installed after the initial sync. And you'll want to install the Palm Desktop for the 650 (or a newer version if you can get your hands on a 700p disc) - things have changed since the Vx days.
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    trying to find threads here can be very difficult. I have looked all over and cannot find the answer to this question. Treo to treo is easy to find but 5X to treo is hiding from me.
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    There are step-by-step procedures on upgrading from an older Palm to an NVFS device in a sticky thread near the top of the TX forum at
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    These instructions should work, just replace put 5x (Vx) where the 600 is listed in the instructions:

    I went from my Tungsten T3 to the Treo 650 in this manner.

    Cheers, Perry
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