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    I may be the last person on earth who doesn't have an portable mp3 player, and I think it's time to change my unique status.

    I understand that the Treo 650 can play mp3s, and since I do own a Treo 650 I figure I might as well put it to use.

    Will the trao sound as good as an ipod?

    What's the easiest way to tap into the Treo's inner ipod? What software and hardware do you recommend? Although I enjoy the occasional bit of music, I'm also on a budget, so freeware is preferred, and hardware that costs more than the Treo itself wouldn't be a good fit for me.

    So far I already have a 2 gig s card, and a selection of my favorite mp3s.

    Thanks for your opinions!
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    Get an adapter so you can use your stereo earbuds: $10, including shipping.

    You can use the Realplayer app, or I think TCPMP will play them: Free
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    Your treo650 should have come with RealPlayer and this program will play mp3's.
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    Real player is ok. Pocket Tunes is better. Get a cheap card reader to drag your mp3's to the memory card. That 2g should hold 400+ songs and you definitly want that stereo adapter.

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