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    I run a consulting business, and I'm in an out of schools regularly, either in meetings, doing walkthroughs, etc. I need to be able to take quick notes, etc. I know my WX has the power and software to accomplish most of what I need, but typing while walking, etc, can prove cumbersome.

    I wonder if investing in a Tablet PC would be a good idea. I have a laptop now that is about 7 months old and I do need one for my business when I give presentations, etc. I just don't know if I'd be wasting money if I invested in a tablet pc if I already have a Treo. Any thoughts from those who have conquered this dilemma?
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    I'm using a HP TC 4200 and I'm pretty happy with that. It's 12,1 inch so it's portable and it replaces my desktop PC: I have an external DVD and via docking station I can connect 2 monitors (extended desktop) and all accessories I need. The tablet PC functionality is nice too, for taking quick notes. A pda is too small for that, I think. The best: I wasn't much more expensive than a regular business laptop!
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    It would be a good investment IF you would use it enough to justify the cost. I would suggest playing around with some of the smaller ones at CompUSA, Fry's (if you have one local), BestBuy, etc. If the functionality and size is appealing, then go for it. You could tether your wx for 3g speed internet as well.
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    I have IBM x41T Tablet it has been the best computer I have ever owned, love the thing , easliy converts between laptop to tablet style.

    Rated highly at PC Mag

    Great service from IBM/leverno 3 yr warranty.

    weighs aprox 2-3 lbs

    Works very well with my Sprint EVDO data card!

    IMHO The best Business tool for reps etc

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