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    I tried Alt on every Option-button. Could not find ^. It's not there in the Option-K keyboard pop-up built into many applications.

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    The only way i can type that key, it to (On a WM5 Treo) press the on screen keyboard up, hit shift and then where number 6 was it will be there.

    A bit long winded.

    I think your talking about a Palm OS device. When i had my 650 there was a way of doing it, but i cant remember any more.
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    You don't need the option button to get it. On my Treo 650, you press the "c" or "C" button, release it, then press the Alt key.

    A list will apprear. Choose the "^" or "".

    By the way, I'm answering this using my Treo, so I know it works: ^^
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    type "c" then hit the "alt" button and you will see it

    EDIT -- yep what he said ^^^^
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    After all these years, and I hadn't realized that there were Alt combinations for simple alphabets!! I had been trying Alt with symbols (Option -) keys only.
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    I'm with aprasad, I didn't know either..
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    haha same. Yay, I can do all those Asian smilies now! ^___^V
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