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    I recently downloaded a program from and it won't DL onto my Treo because of some error that keeps popping up in the screen about an "unauthorized publisher" or something?
    I am assuming I need to change something in my settings, as the site has the program specifically listed under the available programs for the Treo 700w. It is a finance program for me to use a checkbook. Can't remember which one at this time.

    What do I do about this?

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    also...which I am on the subject, do any of you have any recommendations for cool programs that I can DL for my Treo? I use it mostly for entertainment, but I like database kind of programs for organizing my life, basically. I also want to DL something cool to replace the contacts program. Any suggestions?

    And how do you get ringtones?
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    I usually just say yes go ahead and install it. There is a menu button option usually.

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