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    i d/l the gmail app, it downloads to my card - the only way i can see the downloaded files is through "filez"

    how do i get it to install?

    (ps - i also have northglide's uninstall/sandbox app)
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    redownload it to your phone
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    yeah - tried that

    i even popped the exp card out - trying to FORCE it to go to the phone

    any other ideas?

    i'm thinking of uninstalling that sandbox app anyway

    and, if i'm going to do that, i'm going to have to just flush the whole thing and start over w/o it - i think it makes my phone run slower anyway

    i just don't have the time or inclination to take up that large of a project right now...
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    Funny, I just did this. You need the Java app first, then it will let it go to the phone, then you have to go to Java and install it. Works nice so far.
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    ok - i've done the java bit - downloaded and hotsynced

    what does it mean to "go to java and install it"?
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    I would just install the PRC from here:
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    Use the PRC and then you can move it with Powerrun. I run all my java apps this way so that all the billions of j9 files created by each java app is stored on the card and doesn't clutter up the ram

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