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    Anyone using this on a Treo 650 on Verizon? It says it's not supported. I am running the new gmail mobile (w/java) with no problems, so I am thinking maybe Opera mini would work too.
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    Opera mini works just fine on the Treo 650. Get it here:
    My Freebie Java Widgets (Compatible with 650, 680, 700p & 755p)
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    g - my man - please tell me how you have Opera set-up on your 650. It always crashed on me (I have installed it 3 times, but have not tried the latest version).

    I am using HourlyXCast daily - thanks!
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    First, follow these directions to configure the Opera Memory settings BUT set 4MB Memory and 4kb Stack. If that crashes, revert back to 1MB & 2kb stack.

    As for crashes and freezes, they don't happen very often if you follow a few simple rules. First, inside Opera's preferences, turn off smooth scrolling.

    Second, i this is the most important, try not to use the stylus or your finger to navigate links. Use left and right to scroll up or down and use up & down to select links, and then use the center button to click on them. And always only click on each link once, even if it doesn't appear to be moving.

    Good luck. I'm on the 700wx but Opera mini is still my favorite browser.

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