I have a Sprint 650 and in general, I am happy with it. But, it is not as good as my old LG 325 simply as a phone with BT. I need a really good phone for work with complete sync'ing with Outlook and I need email - OK, and the web. All of the other stuff the 650 offers is cool, but not necessarily to die for. It seems that every PDA has a sweet spot - BB has great email, the Q is thin and is a Moto, the P has POS and EVDO, the WX has WN5 and EVDO, Nokia has...well, a nice keyboard and WN5 (but is not coming to Sprint!).

Everyone has an opinion and they are all full of sh*t - oh sorry, wrong saying..... Anyway, anyone wanna chime in on a good PDA that is a GREAT phone (and wil be available on Sprint in the next 6 months)?