I have both a T650 and a T700P. I ONLY use my T650 for working out and keeping info backed up thats on my 700. (best plan for backup is redundancy right?)

The reason for the 650 is because of SAG, I cant seem to get it to work on my 700 even tho there has been success by others. Also, my workout tracking software doesnt quite work on the 700 because of the button set up.

Anyway Sunday, it was working fine, I did about 1.5 hours of cardio while listening to PTunes. Then, yesterday I grabbed it out of my gym bag to sync it to my laptop and it wouldnt turn on! I switced batteries, I tried to soft reset it, I tried to hard reset it. I plugged it to the power cord, I tried to sync it I tried every thing I could think of. I even took it to Verizon to have them have a look see. No luck. Weird.

This morning I came into my office, I had forgotten it on my desk, I thought WTH Ill try again and Ill be darned. It fired right up! YAAAYYY!!

The only thing I can think of is that it got damp in my gym bag. I had switched from an arm band case that I modded for an IPod to a crystal case. I kept in in the crystal case in the gym bag all night and somehow it got damp enough to not want to turn on. Now that it had time to "dry out" on my desk it started.

Anybody have any other ideas? Funny thing is, I was planning on taking it home last night and taking it apart to see if I could see anything. Then last night I obviously realized that I didnt bring it home. So, I had planned on taking my torx driver here to the office to try to take it apart and I forgot the driver. weird stuff!

Glad its working, first thing I did was a backup to a card and then a hotsync.

Ill keep everyone posted if it gets "haunted" again.