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    I have a Treo 700p currently and I do not want to switch to WM5 devices, if Palm decides to create a new Palm OS, would one be able to upgrade to the OS on their old 700p?
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    IMO they will not. They will want you to buy their new hardware to line their pockets. Think of the database bug in the 700p. Rather than fix it, they push the WM5 version hoping you will buy another device and increase their profits.

    Your best bet of a new OS on the 700p would be a hacked version of Linux. They already ported it over to the 650, but it is not complete yet (no phone functionality yet).
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    Have no facts, only rumor, on what Palm is doing OS-wise. Access (formerly PalmSource) have stated they are building in compatibility for PalmOS applications.
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    Now that they finally released the 700p (which should have been released instead of the 600 or certainly the 650!), they've finally put enough RAM and OS tweaks into it to hold me for a year or two. They're certainly due for a firmware release to address the nagging delays and BT issues and other relatively minor problems, but for the most part they've finally put out a Treo that can survive a couple years.

    ROM is flashable, but Palm has little incentive to give owners of purchased devices (and OS5 licenses) a free upgrade to another OS they'd have to pay for. And although the possiblities exist they might charge for the update (I seem to recall a previous handheld they or another mfr. offered a paid update for), I highly doubt they'd want to do anything to siphon sales away from their newest and greatest hardware. Licenses alone probably don't fetch as high a margin as $700 phones, and the young children in the Philippine dumps are aching for more electronics to tear apart and... umm, err "recycle."
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