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    Any rumors when the 680 or 750 might be coming to Cingular?

    I've just about ruled out moving over to Blackberry simply because the data package would be an extra $20 a month. If all things were equal and my data package on the Treo would work on the Blackberry, I'd probably make the move.

    I talked to two salespersons at different Cingular stores and was told the 750 would be available mid-November and the 680 by the end of November. Is what the rest of the world hearing any different?
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    Use the search feature. Thats what its there for. There are at least 5-10 posts regarding this already!
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    Peruse these sites regularly (in addition to TC, of course):
    Cingular GSM
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    Rumor for the 680 is Nov. 5th

    Rumor for the 750 is Mid november to christmas time.

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