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    Can anyone comment as to the legitimacy of this ebay auction? I have spoken to the vendor, and was told the phone is free, requiring a 2 yr. Sprint K, and a min. plan price of $39.99. $100 will be billed by spint on the first invoice as the price of the phone, which is then refundable via the current mail in rebate. The seller's feedback is 100% on over 200 transactions.

    I'm of the mind, "if it sounds too good..."
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    I would stay away. IMHO...Private auctions are for (sellers) who don't want others to e-mail the bidders on their items to warn them of a scam by other ebay members.

    Hope you have good results
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    I would agree, however, there are other buyers who have bought from similar auctions which were not private and have left positive feedback. Waiting on response from them.

    Can you tell I just want this to be legit.
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    Before buying, I would contact Sprint. Why listen to a third party to confirm their policies. After all, they are the ones who will be giving the rebate. Personally, I would call the number, find out all the details, call Sprint, and trust my gut.

    Usually, if it sounds to good to be true........
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    I bought my 700p on ebay and i only paid $80 dollars for it. You have to agree to a two year contract. I bought a phone my brother and my best friend bought two phones from the same guy. I can recommend doing it through him. You pay through paypal so everything is secure and you recieve the phone on the second day its really fast shipping. If you want to go through the same guy that i went through i can look up the number for you. Send me a message if you want the number.
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    All I can tell you is I brought from user "sprintnetwork" on ebay and the service is good.
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    they are legit....

    ordered from them before

    they look up your account first and see if u have a plan which allows u to add additional lines

    they overnight u the phone and then u are set

    they have a telephone number

    reed the feedback !

    been around for awhile
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    Quote Originally Posted by whatever7 View Post
    All I can tell you is I brought from user "sprintnetwork" on ebay and the service is good.

    they were another good one but for some reason they are no longer on ebay

    not registered at this time
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    I guess he's legit based on the feedback, but the title of the auction is very worrisome:


    I mean, which is it, the W or the WX? Be very careful here.
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    Thats just to catch searchs
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    It's awfully hard to beat the SERO offer:

    $350 for the Treo 700P or 700WX. Then $30/month for 500 anytime minutes and Power Vision. A comparable data and voice plan through normal channels would be about $55/month. It breaks even in about 14 months. Plus you don't have to worry about the legitimacy of the offer. That's assuming you've got the $350 to buy the Treo now.

    I'm THIS CLOSE to pulling the trigger on this offer right now. Currently I've got a Treo 600 on Cingular but my contract doesn't expire until April 2007 so I would have to pay $175 (I think) termination fee if I make the jump.
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    keep in mind SERO might not be available in April 2007. I jumped sjip to sprint from cingular and paid the ETF. the SERO price was worth the ETF in the long run.
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    I'm concerned about the same thing. I read somewhere else about someone purchasing a treo 700p for $0.99 on ebay to add on another line to their existing sprint service.

    Im interested in purchasing a motorola krzr from them since I need another personal phone. I use my treo 700wx for work, mainly. I emailed the ebay user with a question and they pretty much sent me everything I had already read on the auction page... then at the bottom the guy John added, if you have any further questions please call. I called, set up the order and the guy I was talking to said I was required to fax a copy of my license along with a proof of residence. Im a little uncomfortable with this, since almost everywhere I go.. I hear about some new identity theft crap.

    I think its a good idea though... considering after a month of having the phone you can change the service to use your existing plan and only add only $9.99 to your bill. I was happy about that.

    Honestly.. should I try it out? I just dont want to get screwed haha.

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