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    Quote Originally Posted by Smaato View Post
    You can try the current version without any concerns - it has no advertising engine and no ads. It just shows clouds as placeholders. Starting with the next version we will include an advertising engine, but this can take some weeks.
    Smaato: Thank you again for participating in this discussion forum. I have tried the Smaato cost program in the past and found it to be a useful application. It could benefit from a more detailed tutorial, but I was still able to get all the components working for my device and service. The clouds placeholder isn't that intrusive, though it does take up valuable screen space. It was mainly the registration process that kept me from continuing to use the app. Once I saw that an IMEI number was required to register, I became wary of the potential ramifications and opted to discontinue my use of the service at that point.
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    as a -little- PalmOS developer I found the HotSync ID to give a sort of troubles in the registration phase: not all users knows what an HostSync ID is, and - since any extended ASCII code may be used - not all users are able to retype it correctly during a registration at, say, it may see quite strange, but it is. since the IMEI is based on numeric ASCII chars, it's easier to type and more users - specially with smartphones and the like - knows they have one.
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    well, data connection costs a lot down here in Italy with Vodafone. when Smaato Cost will get new ads from the Internet? I rarely connect my Treo, and I definitely not want it to connect without my knowledge.
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    Quote Originally Posted by matro View Post
    well, data connection costs a lot down here in Italy with Vodafone. when Smaato Cost will get new ads from the Internet? I rarely connect my Treo, and I definitely not want it to connect without my knowledge.
    As I said before, there are currently no ads in Smaato Cost. In the future, the advertising engine will have conduit and it will update during HotSync.
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    SmaatoNews is slow as balls to sync, and I've had it crash twice clicking on a feed to read.

    No thanks.. RescoNews blows it out of the water.
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    We had a load issue with our server. It should work correctly again. Sorry for the inconvenience.
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    Just tried Smaato Cost -- looks nice and works all right, but... almost 2 megabytes for cost tracking software? Half of which is SOMA Launcher, which is just an advertising engine? You gotta be kidding me!

    I'd gladly pay a reasonable fee for an ad-free version with basic graphics (all I need is function, pretty interface is secondary). Current version takes way too much of precious space for the function.
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    You're right. SOMA is the advertising engine and it's about 1 MB. I think SOMA is more complex than you might expect: It includes a synchronization engine, a database, the advertising banners and some security related things.
    We decided not to offer a paid version at the moment - in order to keep things simple.

    We recognize your criticism but you must notice the following:

    - We decided to use an ad-funded model and we’re behind that
    - Smaato Cost is very complex software. The market price would be around 20 to 30 $. We think it’s a fair deal to accept advertising and maybe a MB of “lost” memory to get such software for free.
    - It’s up to you to use it or use it not. If you decide to use it you should be ok with our ad-funded model. If you’re not ok with that please use a different product which is paid.
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    When I say that SOMA is "just" an ad engine, I mean that it has nothing to do with what Smaato Cost does. Yet, it takes as much memory as the app in question itself (and 1MB is A LOT by any means for Palm OS software).

    As for getting the software for "free", if you look at the cost of OTA synch, in certain cases it can relatively quickly exceed those $20-30, which you apparently consider as prohibitively high price.

    I do notice your points, and I certainly vote for smaato-free Treo 650.

    P.S. Interestingly, you never mention on your site or in the manual that Smaato Cost needs 2Mb of RAM to run.
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