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    I'm currently the only user on my computer, but my wife wants to use my old Treo 90.

    Right now, we have 2 id's on the computer, mine and hers.

    Is it possible for her to get access to the hot sync using her id, or does she have to use my id, but with her name set up for the Treo 90.

    That's what is she doing now.

    Paul Collett
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    The answer to this is actually more complex than one would think.

    First the clear cut stuff:
    • The Palm Hotsync software does support Hotsyncing multiple devices to the same desktop provided each device has a unique Hotsync ID.
    • Palm (the company) does not support using the Hotsync software or Palm desktop on multiple windows login IDs.

    For the more fuzzy stuff:
    • If you are using Hotsync Manager 4.X or earlier (I think that came with Palm Desktop 4.1.2 or earlier), some people have reported success in using it under multiple Windows logins provided:
      • It is installed under each login that needed to use it. Note one needs to have Administrator privilege to install the Palm software and to Hotsync the first time. The Administrator privilege may be removed after that.
      • Any third party conduits are also installed under all using logins.
      • It can be installed in the same location under each login.
      • The Palm Desktop under any login will be able to get to the user information of the other users via the user pull down in the upper right corner.

    • If you are using Hotsync Manager 6.X or greater (I think that came with Palm Desktop 4.1.3 and latter), PalmSource (Access) says that this does support multiple windows logins (according to the Conduit Development Kit documentation), but with some caveats:
      • Each Windows login is treated logically as a different computer.
      • Each Windows login may have different Conduits.
      • User data is stored, by default, to something like C:\Document and Setting\WinUser\Application Data\Palm\HotsyncID
      • Having multiple Windows users logged in at the same time is still not supported.
      • Since the Hotsync software is on all logins, one could easily accidentally Hotsync while the wrong Windows user is logged in.
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    thank you

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