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    I had my treo to auto sync and get my emails from my gmail account and it was working fine until yesterday. I keep getting this message that auto sync has failed because of the wrong pop server but I haven't changed anything since it started working. I set up the account on my laptop to see if it was the server and it works fine on the laptop but not on the Treo. Can anyone help me with this problem?
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    Did I see this some place else? There is a good chance you changed your settings without knowing it.

    My ChatterEmail settings:

    Pop -

    Then there may also be some security settings that may need to be set. Ben
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    I tried for long time to get google pop account to work with agendusmail SSL ED. No joy..
    Agendus team said there are problems in general with gmail pop .

    This was 5 months ago...
    I also forward all my gmail to sprint.. and my sprint mail box would fill. When it was time to delete message from Sprint mail, using the Sprintpcs website for mailmanagement sux. Their gui is outdated.
    So trying to not ramble on...

    Solution for me: forwarded all my gmail to sprint pop account. Now Using sprint pop instead on the palm . Works nornal with agendus and helps me unload the mail in that account easier than using Sprints (WAY OUTDATED) webbased mail app.
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