long story short... i had a 700w and found the memory problem to be way too much of a hassle. that and i stopped doing so much business, so i sold it and picked up a chocolate. its a great phone, but of course... now i start doing a bunch of business and i need to sync ical with my mobile device.

i'd like to go with the palm OS this time (i think)... but with all these new treos coming out.. is the 700p really the way to go? or should i wait for the next treo to come out for vzw? when woudl that be and what would it be? i really like the new look without the attenae. any word on when a windows version will come out w/o the antennae?

also... is the 700wx a huge improvement over the 700w? i actually liked.. ok loved.. the phone other than it constnatly hiccupping and freezing (like when an imporant call comes in and i press answer & it picks up... but my ****ing ringtone keeps playing & the screen freezes)

also, what are teh differences i am looking at between the 680 and the 700p? and when will the 680 be migrating to verizon?

phew.. that was a mouthful.. haha. any advice is appreciated. thanks.