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    All right y'all, Ive been a treo user for quite a few years. Got my T600 the 2nd week they were out, and later upgraded to a T650. My contract if up, and its time for an upgrade to both my plan and to my phone. Im planning on going for one of the SERO plans, the question is...T700P or 700W? Frankly, Im a bit scared of a windows based phone, but from what Ive read, it may actually be superior to the Palm based 700. I am NOT a heavy user of 3rd party apps. I use the basic installed apps plus PdaNet and TomTom 6. Other than those 2 apps, I dont do a lot of extras and/or hacks. Anyone willing to help me out? Advantages/disadvantages of each? I know my T650 reboots itself every now and then, but I dont consider it terrible. I am a heavy text messaging user, as well as teathered internet user and depend on TomTom to get me to my clients. Obviously, voice quality is also important because this is my ONLY phone. Thoughts?
    Sprint Pre User Who LOVED his Pre but left for a more supported phone (EVO Shift)...maybe one day Sprint & HP will see the light and bring us a great 4g capable Pre replacement!
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    I went from the T600 to the T700p and think it was a smart move..

    If you get the "P" get chatter mail. It is a GREAT mail app and makes the "P" worth the issues.

    Sprint hit me with the broadband data plan on the 700. The older phones didn't require this but the 700's do. My plan was up this month too. Got the 700P for $150

    Best of luck and Sprint doesn't want you to go to Verison

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