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    I just tried to get to our Cingular Premier site and it said it was being updated and to try back in a little while. I wonder of they are launching some new phones?
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    I tried the same thing also, I bet they are....even the regular none premier site says under construction...

    PLEASE RELEASE the 750 !!!!!!!!!!!
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    Even if you go to you get re-directed. I hope this is more then a freakin color change!!
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    They are putting the; 750, 8525, i607, 680, 6925, N75, 8800, and the Pearl all up at the same time.
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    new website to go along with the new UMTS/HSDPA network to go along with the new 3G phones
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    I also heard the Treo 9000 will be in there also...LOL
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    I just got in thru (not premier) nothing but a new look.
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    They did update the 3G coverage map in OC Oregon.
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    Quote Originally Posted by JdubTreo View Post
    I also heard the Treo 9000 will be in there also...LOL
    sh*t!!! i just bought the 9000 unlocked!

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    7345 Towers Now Online!
    10/23/06 Cingular Sites has surveyed and loaded 7345 Cingular sites into our online co-location database.
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    Cingular Sucks! Just a style change...
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    They are not changing the name back to AT&T?
  13. #13 is down again!!
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    Quote Originally Posted by Pantherer View Post is down again!!
    its working for me, and according to it there are only 9 pdas available. i'm not seeing the 680
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    Nice update. Very much more grown up than the old site. From a designer/developer point of view the usability of everything has gone up 10 fold.

    I am sure that new products will propogate once they get the bugs worked out (it did just release and there is most assuradly too much new content to go up that didnt).
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