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  • DateBk6

    3 60.00%
  • Agendus

    2 40.00%
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    any specific reasons?

    DateBk6 or Agendus.........?
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    I just like it being using it for a while
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    I use Datebk because of the support it receives from the developer (the same person who wrote the utility dbScan) at

    It is also very stable and rarely crashes, if ever.
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    DateBk is super-solid and stable. I got used to the week-at-a-glance view on my Treo 600 and was crushed to find it had gone awol on my 650. Palm had been licensing a lite version of DateBk for the 600's calendar and went with their own in-house clone version for the 650. But without the weekly view I had come to rely upon. Right after applying my screen protector I downloaded DateBk5. Got my familiar weekly view back and that's that. For me, it's a "must have".

    I never gave Agendus much of a trial. There were lots of stability and compatibility problems just when I got my Treo 650 so I just stuck with DateBk 5. Agendus finally released a fix/update that seemed to eliminate most of the problems folks were screaming about, and a second or third update really fixed those last niggling issues. But I had already bought Pimlico's DateBk 5 and was happy. Why fix something that is not broken?
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    I tried both and went with Beyond Contacts for the ease of use.

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