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    Hi All,

    I am a Treo 650 newbie. While I guess I went wrong in my research in buying the 650 since I was looking for a push email device. Problem is that my service provider has options for BlackBerry Connect on most devices like the Nokia Communicator, Sony Ericsson etc, but not for the Treo. I wrote to Palm customer support and they said that I could try installing the software, but they dont assure that it will work or if they will support it (since its not tested). So here's my question:

    Shall I try to use the BBConnect software palm to see if it works? Palm has not introduced/tested this with the carrier?

    Is there anyway else I can get push email solutions on my Palm? I dont think my company supports Good Link?

    Also, I just dont know why Palm is sooo slow to adapt. I live in India, use the largest service provider in the country, all manufactures are proactive and have tested and approved BBConnect, except Palm. I fail to understand why they're terribly slow.

    Sometimes I think owning a Palm OS is severely restricting and rather frustating. I've been a Palm loyalist for years, had the Vx, the Tungsten and now the Treo. This just might be the last Palm OS device I will own.

    I look forward to your suggestions.


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    I think palm leans on their carrier partners to test the besconnect software. Look at the communication section of this forum, there are a couple of blackberry connect. there are carriers out there that provide bbconnect for the 650.

    I cheaper alternative is chatter mail, which does idle imap and if your server supports this, it is like push.
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    PLease search "BB Connect", there is a pretty extensive thread on the subject.

    I have had it running successfully for over 6 months now.

    Good luck.

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